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Meeting the challenge of climate change

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2014 saw the warmest temperatures ever recorded worldwide since 1880. According to the fifth report of the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, climate change is now proven and unequivocal with clear evidence of the human influence on the increase in the phenomenon. If CO2 emissions continue at the current rate, the average temperature rise on the planet’s surface could reach 4.8°C by 2100 (IPCC Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report). The UN Climate Change Conference, “COP21,” coincides with the expiration of the Kyoto Protocol. In December 2015, government representatives will meet in Paris to decide how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining worldwide economic growth and the development of national economies. While an intergovernmental agreement is essential to provide direction and create momentum, civil society, local authorities and businesses must also get involved and propose concrete solutions.

The Rexel Group, a global leader in the distribution of products and services for the energy world, is a firmly committed and active contributor to meeting climate change challenges.

Rexel has developed innovative solutions to help businesses, installers and homeowners manage and reduce their energy consumption and improve their carbon footprint. As a responsible company, the Group has set up a range of actions to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, while building strong partnerships to drive forward climate change solutions worldwide.

Rexel 2020 Climate-Related Objectives

  • Developing energy management

    X2 At least double sales of energy efficiency products and services (“2011 baseline”)
  • Improving Rexel’s environmental performance

    -30% Reduce by at least 30% the carbon emissions of its operations (“2010 baseline”)

Perspectives on climate: our stakeholders’ and partners’ positions

Solutions for climate change

On May 26 & 27, Rexel hosted the Yale Climate Change Dialogue at its headquarters in Paris. As a member of the Dialogue, Rexel took the opportunity to film interviews with its fellow members about the initiative and their outlook for the climate negotiations. Watch these videos…

Climate change #1 Why should we care about climate change?
  • COP21 #2 How can we make the COP21 initiative a success?
  • Yale Climate Change Dialogue #3 Why are you participating in the Yale Climate Change Dialogue?
  • Stakeholders #4 Why do we need a multi stakeholder approach to address climate change?
  • Businesses #5 Why do businesses need to get involved in the climate change discussions?
  • Energy Efficiency #6 How can energy efficiency help the transition to a low carbon economy?
  • COP21 #7 Rudy Provoost & Dan Esty live at COP21 "Shifting Gears on Climate Change"
  • COP 21 #8 Rudy Provoost & Dan Esty @ Le Grand Palais - part 1/4
  • COP 21 #9 Rudy Provoost & Dan Esty @ Le Grand Palais - part 2/4
  • COP 21 #10 Rudy Provoost & Dan Esty @ Le Grand Palais - part 3/4
  • COP 21 #11 Rudy Provoost & Dan Esty @ Le Grand Palais - part 4/4
  • COP 21 #12 Patrick Berard (Rexel Europe SVP)
  • COP 21 #13 Gonzalo Errejon & Renaud Deniel
Picture of Rudy Provoost

"The only way to achieve low-carbon growth is to empower end users to take control over their energy consumption. Businesses and governements must work hand-in-hand to unleash the full potential of the energy transition"

Rudy Provoost Rexel Chairman & CEO
at Business & Climate Summit
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Download PDF

« Shifting Gears on Climate Change » authored by Daniel C. Esty Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at Yale University & Rudy Provoost, Chairman & CEO, Rexel Group. (HuffingtonPost.com) »

Read the opinion piece

Key events on the road to Paris 2015

15 key figures around COP21

Discover our keys figures.

Our solutions for
the energy world

Rexel has developed a range of innovative solutions to address the challenge of climate change from 3 different angles: energy efficiency, renewable energies and home automation.

Energy efficiency

The hidden fuel

According to a 2014 report from the International Energy Agency, energy efficiency is not only one of the primary means of reducing CO2 emissions, but the leading “hidden fuel” and an energy source of its own. It appears to be the safest, fastest and most effective means of conserving natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions

  • 49% of the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming could be provided by energy efficient solutions by 2020 (source: 2014 IEA report)

  • 80%: the potential energy savings that could be achieved worldwide in power generation and buildings’ sectors, particularly through consumption control and eco-efficient solutions (source: 2014 OECD/IEA Report)

“Rexel is conscious that to achieve a zero carbon economy we need to transform the way we consume electricity. This is why the company is developing a range of innovative solutions addressing energy efficiency in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.”

Pascale Giet Rexel Group Senior Vice President Communications and Sustainable Development,
and Rexel Foundation Vice Chairman

Energy efficiency at the heart of Rexel’s strategy

Rexel contributes to decreasing energy consumption and increasing energy savings for its customers around the world, in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, by proposing a broad range of energy efficiency products and solutions: eco-efficient lighting, control systems, measurement systems and eco-efficient power systems.

  • Lighting technologies have led to spectacular progress in energy consumption. For individual users as well as businesses, the LED is the most effective product. Rexel is working on many lighting retrofit projects enabling immediate savings of up to 80%.

  • Electric motors in the industry account for up to 65% of total electrical energy consumption. To reduce this amount, Rexel offers its customers a new generation of energy-efficient motors.

  • Consumption monitoring and control lie at the core of energy efficiency. In 2014, Rexel launched an energy consumption monitoring solution called Energeasy Advisor. Energeasy Advisor collects data on energy and fluid streams, hosts it on a remote server and uses it to set up optimization strategies aimed at lowering operational costs.

Energy efficiency expertise at work

Rexel’s energy efficiency expertise is based on an internal network of 240 energy efficiency experts across 23 countries. Their role is to raise awareness and train employees in energy efficiency and to contribute to the development of relevant commercial solutions.

With this in mind, several acquisitions have further broadened the Group’s energy efficiency expertise:

  • Rexel Energy Solutions, formerly Munro Distributing (acquired in 2012), markets innovative energy efficient solutions
  • Inoveha (acquired in 2013) is specialized in energy audits
  • Esabora (acquired in 2014) develops digital applications for contractors

King Cole Mills, UK: 13 Tons carbon equivalent saved due to lighting retrofit

Rexel worked with installer Comtech Green Energy to source and fit energy efficient lighting products in the communal areas of the King Cole Mills apartment blocks in Bingley, West Yorkshire. The retrofit was a great success reducing energy consumption by 69% and saving a total of 24,900KwH and 13.1 tons of carbon emissions.

Read more

Renewable energies

Wind Power

On the wind power market, Rexel offers customized solutions that range from the simple marketing of cables and components to an array of integrated services covering everything from procurement to inventory management, assembly and delivery.

The Group’s American subsidiary Gexpro Services, is consolidating its position on the wind power market by offering a service for the pre-assembly of the internal components of wind turbine towers. The factory-mounted assemblies, duly labeled and packed, are delivered directly to the customer’s site.

Photovoltaic power

Rexel’s goal is to consolidate its position while generating real momentum on the market for photovoltaics. The Group markets a complete range of equipment for residential use, including photovoltaic panels and the accessories needed for their installation and connection, sometimes sold in kits to help contractors choose the best solution.

In 2014, Rexel created the Energeasy Solar online portal, which offers a range of practical, innovative services for developing photovoltaic installation projects: production simulations, names of qualified contractors, financing solutions, administrative help for government assistance programs and tax breaks, guarantees and maintenance, etc. It is also the first such service to offer production guarantees for the owner of solar power installations.

Learn how a family in the United Kingdom converted to solar thanks to Energeasy Solar and saved energy

Rexel is committed to solar power and we believe that the single biggest barrier to entry is education. This is why we launched Energeasy Solar, a global program to raise awareness and understanding of solar PV and to make the installation of solar panels hassle-free for both the consumer and the electrical installer via a user-friendly online platform, adapted to smartphones and tablets.

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Home automation

After computers and phones, household items are now becoming connected. The new Internet revolution makes home automation accessible to all. It is now possible to manage and control comfort (shutters, lighting, heating) and energy consumption. Rexel makes these features available to installers and end users.

“Home automation must favor simple, cost-effective and, more importantly, scalable solutions, as it is implemented in stages, adapting to users’ needs.”

Siu Gauchet Rexel France Residential Business Development

Intelligent solutions to control energy at home

Rexel has launched Energeasy Connect, a home automation controller that allows end-users to control and monitor their homes via their tablet or mobile phone. Energeasy Connect communicates with all controllable devices offered by Rexel for the home: lighting, heating, shutter, door closing systems, household appliances…All these devices can be controlled on demand and operated according to predefined scenarios depending on the season, the day or the time. Knowing that heating represents the biggest part of energy consumption within a home, monitoring and controlling heating can contribute to save up to 20% on an energy bill.

Supporting installers with their home automation projects

For installers, home automation solutions must be simple to implement and maintain. In order to help them roll out their projects, Rexel France offers them the support of its Residential development experts and its innovative service 3i. This service has been designed to assist installers with their home automation projects, from conception to equipment pre-configuration in one of Rexel’s branches, to installation at the client’s home.

Discover how Energeasy Connect makes your home more efficient

Home automation today improves the home’s comfort while optimizing energy consumption. Heating is the household’s main item of energy expenditure. With Energeasy Connect, offered exclusively by Rexel, it is now possible to control the heating and hundreds of connected equipment, according to the users’ needs and lifestyles.

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Our actions to reduce
carbon emissions

Rexel has developed a strong environmental policy and reduces its own carbon emissions by working on its operations as well as involving all of its employees.

Managing environmental performance

“Environmental management quality depends on the consistency of the approach, the centralization of the data used and the precision of the assessments.”

Bertrand de Clermont Tonnerre Rexel Group Sustainable Development Director

Reducing carbon emissions is one of the cornerstones of Rexel’s sustainability strategy. To reduce its carbon footprint, Rexel is implementing a consistent and sustainable approach to improving the management of its sites, its transport, its packaging and its waste.

To support the operational implementation of its policy, Rexel relies first and foremost on its Environmental Charter. Its goal is to specify the Group’s environmental commitments and to involve all employees in order to make environmental responsibility a part of their everyday practices.

  • 96% percentage of Rexel’s sites where the Environmental Charter is in application
  • 42% percentage of the Group’s sites that had instated an EMS (Environmental Management Systems) in 2014.
  • +99.7% percentage of total sales covered by environmental reporting in 2014

The Group encourages the progressive deployment of EMS (Environmental Management Systems) throughout its subsidiaries. These EMS are intended to define and document procedures in order to manage the environmental aspects of Rexel’s operations and enable the implementation of improvement initiatives.

Every year, Rexel produces a consolidated environmental report covering more than 30 countries, whose data is verified by an independent third party. Its reliability and relevance are key to the Group’s corporate environmental policy.

From managing to raising awareness

Present in all of the Group’s subsidiaries worldwide, the environmental correspondents are the key to success in this effort. They implement the global policy, promote it locally and are in charge of gathering, processing and analyzing data to monitor performance indicators.

  • 70: the number of environmental correspondents present in all of the Group’s subsidiaries worldwide

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions of our operations

The Group strives to limit its greenhouse gas emissions by creating initiatives to reduce its sites’ energy consumption, to optimize its logistics processes and to modernize its fleet of vehicles. The renovation of its sites’ lighting, using low-energy technologies, particularly LED, the technical management of buildings and the promotion of renewable energies are all means of reducing consumption and emissions. But the area in which the most significant progress has been made in reducing the Group’s carbon footprint is transport, through the optimization of logistics processes and the renewal of its fleet: promoting shared transport, delivery service rationalization, pooling flows between Rexel entities, eco-friendly vehicles, etc.

From 2013 to 2014, Rexel reduced by 8.1% its carbon emissions, on a like-for-like basis

Driving eco-friendly behaviors among our employees

ECODAYS is an annual campaign to involve Rexel employees in sustainable actions. In 2015, the 4th edition encourages staff to lend their support to Rexel’s commitment to a better energy future in the run up to December’s United Nations Climate Change conference. So far, employees across 23 different Rexel countries have committed to more than 2000 different types of eco-friendly behavior, from using less paper and walking or cycling to work, to remembering to switch off their computer at night.

  • 2,000 eco-friendly behaviors adopted by our employees so far
  • 23 countries involved
  • 50 tons of CO2 emissions saved = 50 return trips by plane from Paris to New Delhi = the carbon sequestered by 39.3 acres of forest
  • €4,500 Euros raised for the Rexel Foundation

Improving access to energy efficiency for all

Through its Foundation, founded in May 2013, Rexel affirms its commitment to contribute its skills and expertise to facilitating the distribution of energy efficient solutions among disadvantaged communities, fighting against fuel poverty and promoting renewable energy, further contributing to Rexel’s action on climate change.

The Rexel Foundation relies on three kinds of programs to fulfill its purpose:

  • Community projects leading in close collaboration with NGOs, public agencies or other corporate foundation.

    The Foundation has supported Electricians Without Borders to bring electricity to the schools and health clinics of five villages in the Amazon Rainforest, through a complete electrical installation powered by a solar energy generator.

    Learn more
  • Social innovation projects supporting through the Rexel Foundation’s joint skills platform for social entrepreneurs.

    The platform enabled the financing of a training tool to accompany the energy retrofitting initiative for single-family homes or the RENO 3.0 project led by Les 7 Vents to design a demonstration building featuring the most effective new energy solutions.

    Learn more
  • Studies and Academic Research in the area of energy efficiency innovation.

    The Rexel Foundation and Microsol published the results of a study on the feasibility of developing carbon schemes in the field of energy efficiency to assist disadvantaged populations in Latin America.

    Learn more

Partnerships: our involvement in the run up to the COP21

In the context of climate negotiations Rexel entered into a number of partnerships to drive climate change solutions forward worldwide.


Find out more about how Rexel meets the challenge of climate change

Pénélope Linage Rexel Group Public Relations Manager
Bertrand de Clermont Tonnerre Rexel Group Sustainable Development Director